Cross-Code Now Searching for Funding on Indiegogo

In development since 2013 and only just now crowdfunding, Cross-Code is a sci-fi, futuristic, digital nightmare. In this labyrinth of a game, players assume the role of Lea, a mute heroine who becomes lost in a massively multiplayer online game that she can’t get out of. To top it all off, she has no idea how she got there. Between discovering what events lead to her arrival and finding a way out, the player must employ a variety of powers including the bouncing ball weapon, as well as a wide array of items to customize Lea, down to the extensive skill-tree based leveling system.

Cross-Code is being developed by a small team named Radical Fish from the ground up with HTML-5. The team has gone from creating the scripts to forging their own design tools with the language, and feels that Cross-Code is ready to be a full-time, large scale project.


The game can currently be experienced through a playable Alpha that’s been available for quite some time, which can be downloaded here. With a hefty goal and only a month to go, Radical Fish is making the push to go full time with their IndieGoGo campaign now. The team can also be found on TwitterFacebookIndieDB and Tumblr.

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