Criterion Founders Launch Three Fields Entertainment


Three Fields Entertainment is a new game development studio announced earlier today, headed up by Criterion founders Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry.

“We are looking for talented Staff who are skilled in at least three fields of creating electronic entertainment,” Alex Ward said over Twitter, before adding, “Join us!” Along with these statements, he unveiled a new website with a simple logo and contact info for people who want to join the new studio.

This is the followup project after the two took their exits from the studio they founded fourteen years ago, gaining popularity for their high-octane racing games. Criterion Games is most notable for creating the Burnout series, and becoming the lead team behind the Need for Speed franchise.

Alex Ward added that Three Fields Entertainment “will make games for all platforms where we can self-publish,” hinting that the company will aim to be independent and focus on smaller games.

Indie Game Mag will update this article as new information is revealed about this new British games company.