Crimsonland is Back, Beefier and Bloodier

Some of us may remember a relatively popular top-down shooter called Crimsonland all the way from ye olde 2003. Those who do — rejoice, because the game has a remastered version coming to Steam and the PlayStation 4. Those who don’t, you’re in for a treat.

Crimsonland features a tiny man armed with a gun on a wasteland, fending off alien waves. That’s nothing exciting, but the light RPG elements embedded into the game make it bloody fun. There’s a quick, non-intrusive level up system which brings up a small list of perks. Perks modify the character significantly, sometimes altering the hero with trade-offs; “Ammunition Within” will start using your health as bullets, “Death Clock” makes you invulnerable but then takes your life away after some time, and so on. In addition, monsters drop temporary bonuses like slow time, freeze, fire bullets, and more. When playing endless survival, there’s eventually so many monsters crawling that the player chains those bonuses, resulting in high-voltage, thrilling action.

The game won’t include online multiplayer, but it features local co-op. Leaderboards are one of the additions that PS4 and Steam users can look forward to, as well as more perks and weapons.

You can sign up on 10tons’ Crimsonland website to get a chance to enter the closed beta. Otherwise, look to IGM for more information on the game. The release is planned for this summer on Steam and PlayStation Network.

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