Creoterra Announces Empyrios: Prophecy of Flame

Creoterra recently announced the development of their upcoming tactical strategy RPG, Empyrios: Prophecy of Flame, for iPad, Mac, and PC. Along with this announcement, Creoterra posted a number of screenshots that showcase the different features that their game will provide.


Set in a fantasy world, the game will follow a war that rages across the land of Borealis. Players will be able to plays as one of two available factions for the main campaign. Each of these factions is made up of four races, totaling to eight unique races. Each race offers five character classes with three abilities that differ from all the others. In short, this means that Empyrios will provide players with 120 different abilities that range from standard melee attacks, to magic spells, traps, and buffs and debuffs.


The core of the game focuses on a turn-based tactical battle between two squads on a hex-grid. This will take place across 50 individually designed environments with varied terrain and different types of obstacles.  The development studio is working to develop a game that requires players to implement different strategies depending on the layout of the map, and the make-up of the two opposing squads. Between battles, players can even customize their units to upgrade their stats, or enhance their abilities with additional effects.

Gamers can keep up with Empyrios’ development by following @Creoterra, and keeping up with their blog.

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