Cosmo Jump – Infinite Hopping on Android

The first game from FireShield Studios, Cosmo Jump is an endless jumper/platformer in which you play as a small alien on a quest for gems. You jump from platform to platform to avoid enemies, maximize your score, and grab power-ups that help you along the way. In addition, you’ll come across bosses that stymie your progress if you’re not careful.

Screenshot1 There are 10 aliens to choose from in the colorful menu interface, and each must be unlocked with achievements. They all have special abilities, which can be utilized to maximize the gems collected, and increase the power-ups presented. Power-ups include a star (to speed up) and a shield (to protect you from enemies). There are a variety of platform types, each with a different effect on your jumping style and height, and your score is determined by how many gems you’re able to collect before you run into an enemy or miss a platform.

Cosmo Jump will be available for no cost (and as far as I know, there are no in-app purchases thus far) on October 19 in the Google Play store for Android devices (this link will take you there once it’s live). You can find more information on the game and Fireshield Studios by either following them on Twitter or “liking” their Page on Facebook.

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