Cooperate in Chariot by Rolling a Casket

This isn’t how princess and castle stories usually go: The king is dead, and his body is rolled around in the titular casket, by the princess no less, and her boyfriend, on a quest to find a worthy resting spot for the monarch.

Chariot harkens back to the traditional couch-cooperative games where people played side-by-side, facing challenges together. Chariot joins fast-paced platforming gameplay with a bevy of physics-based interactions. The Princess and her Fiancé employ a few abilities to traverse across the 25 levels, foremost holding on to a rope that attaches to the riding casket, which quickly speeds up on rails. They push, pull, and ride the casket working in tandem, while defeating pesky enemies that attempt to hinder their progress.


In the meantime, they listen to quips from the ghost of the king, who frequently emerges from his mode of transportation to complain and to share his thoughts about the current environment.

“The crowning jewel of Chariot is that you have this thing that’s a big platform on wheels ruled by physics that lets you do all sorts of crazy things,” said Alexandre Van Chestein, game designer at Frima Studios, in a developer video interview. “And that’s what allows Chariot to get those moments where everyone is on the edge of their seat.”

Windows owners can give Chariot a spin now via Steam for $14.99 (of for two dollars more to get a bundle with the soundtrack). The developers highly recommend controllers to play. Console fans will also be happy to know that Chariot is out on all three current-gen systems: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Wii U.

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