Dive Into The Underworld – ‘Cool Pizza’ Comes Out This Friday On iOS (Sep. 28th)

Cool Pizza

When you think of the title Cool Pizza, what are your first thoughts? Diving into the¬†depths of the underworld and fighting devils? Me either! Simply put, Cool Pizza is about a girl and her haunted skateboard looking for answers in the most unexpected place. That doesn’t nearly sum up this wild looking game though.

In Cool Pizza you will be playing as a teenage-looking girl skating into a dark abyss with all sorts of enemies trying to defeat you. Honestly, I have no idea what’s going on in the trailer, but it looks awesome. From what I can see, there’s ramps, enemy hands with mouths, alien looking eyeballs with lazers, floating caskets that drop bombs and bones, flying insects, and a huge enemy pyramid with all sorts of crap going on! Somehow pizza has something to do with all this, as the trailer calls it “The Worst Pizza Delivery of All Time”.

The trailer alone has convinced me to pick this one up, but if you’re still undecided, the game will also feature 42 waves of enemies, Game Center leaderboards and achievements, and a pretty awesome “laptoppunk” soundtrack by Tettix. The art style alone is something that will catch any gamers’ eye.

To pick up Cool Pizza, be on the look out on the App Store this Friday. To make things easier follow developer Secret Library on Twitter and Facebook.