Control the Nordic Warriors in Viking Command

Sidebolt Studios is putting you in direct control in their newest mobile title, Viking Command. Directing every Nordic warrior, your job is to have your troops survive the frigid battlefields and combat foes.

Moving every unit with your finger and tracing their path, you’ll encounter various environmental difficulties on six different battlefields. Weather conditions aren’t simple rain and snow: dodging lightning is key to the troops’ survival, as well as moving out of the gushing water waves. Fenrir’s Forest has raging cyclones, and at Ragnarok Ridge massive boulders pellet the ground. The units range from smaller archers to larger soldiers and even bears. They have to be resupplied at appropriate times to keep fighting.


“I’ve always enjoyed studying Norse culture and mythology, so when the opportunity to conceptualize this game was presented, I jumped at the chance to make it about Vikings,” said Will Handford, illustrator at Sidebolt. “And while this is by no means a historically accurate representation of their world, I think everyone will find something to like about the game’s setting and characters.

Sven Stoutbeard is the Viking King, performing as your guide. He does bodybuilding on the side, the rest of the cast rounded out by flaming bears and turkey-leg-wielding soldiers.

To get an eyeful of Stoutbeard’s muscles, as well as the tactical aspects of this Nordic mobile game, download it next week for free from the iTunes App Store.

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