Control a Colorful Challenge in FusionDot

Those who miss the 2014 game 2048 now have a new opportunity to get addicted to a similar game. FusionDot promises a challenging puzzler with a concept as simple as the one that inspired Game Troopers to make it. Players have to mix matching colors in order to make new ones, with a goal to ultimately create a final color in order to complete the level. As in 2048, the closer you get to the end, the more complicated the game gets.

Screenshots_Draft_01What makes FusionDot different, according to the developers, are the use of power-ups, available in every level, and different missions to complete in each of them. Sometimes players will race against the clock, while in other levels they may take their time to think deeply about the solution.

These features and modes will be unlocked throughout the 120 stages of the game, and the developers explained that, although its mechanics are easy to master, each level will be more difficult than the last, which means a constant challenge even to players used to the swipe mechanic employed. Players shouldn’t worry, however, because they also said the game has an “adorable, fun and zen design” with “relaxing music.”

FusionDot is already available for free for Windows PC and Windows Phone through the Windows Store. More information about the game can be found in their store page, and those looking for updates can also follow the developers on Twitter.

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