Containment Protocol Breaches Greenlight

I am used to breaking into facilities in games – hacking terminals and finding keys on my own. Containment Protocol does involve that behavior, but from a distance. Your character isn’t actually in the facility during this lock-down, but rather is controlling a drone from a computer elsewhere. The drone is your only hope of figuring out what triggered the containment protocol around the weapons facility, but with its limited ability to see and fragility, that will be a difficult task. Those interested won’t have to wait too long, though, as developer Xiotex Studios just announced that the game successfully passed through Steam Greenlight.


The game’s visual system, known as Lidar, is a light-based radar system that draws in the walls in real time. Its sweep only lasts a few seconds before the walls disappear again, so players will sometimes need to wait for another sweep to know if they’re safely headed in the right direction or about to smack into a wall. Waiting isn’t always a good option, though, since the drone is battery-powered, so wasting time can mean the drone shutting down before it reaches the goal. To help guide the flimsy drone down the corridors of the facility, players will need to copy keycards, access computers, find batteries to recharge, and avoid the security systems in order to find logs and hints to piece together the narrative.


Containment Protocol‘s visuals place a great importance on color, using it to indicate dangers and important items for the drone’s simple sight capabilities. Those interested can test out the visuals, and the unforgiving gameplay, by trying out the demo on the game’s site. It may server as good practice before having to carefully weave the drone through the tight passages of Containment Protocol when the game finally launches on Steam.


For more information on Xiotex Studios and Containment Protocol, be sure to visit the developer’s site or follow them on Twitter.

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