Contagious Arcade Action Game Infektor Heads to iOS

Even for an infectious microbe, life can still be full of dangers in Rushing Vise’s new iOS game, Infektor. The player assumes control of a single microbe lost in a hostile environment, with the objective to survive at all costs. Designed to be played in small, toilet-break sized doses, Infektor is an intense and fast-paced action game, challenging the player with two different game modes- ‘Survival’ and ‘Infect.’


In Survival mode, the player racks up points by staying alive and evading enemies for as long as possible – while causing mayhem on the way. Infect mode takes the latter concept even further, giving the microbe a number of targets to infect before it is destroyed by enemy antibodies. The player will be able to control three different microbes, each with unique special abilities that will be essential for the player’s success.


Infektor rewards risky behavior, awarding extra points for daring fly-bys or popping bubbles that will release more antibodies to hunt the player. Pushing the score up is the name of the game, with online leaderboards to rank just how infectious a player’s microbe can be.

Infektor is now available for all devices running iOS 8 or newer, for free. Catch more infectious news on Rushing Vise’s official website or Facebook.

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