Compete Locally or Intergalactically in SciFi Racer: Turbolink

Turbolink is a futuristic racing game in a top-down style, featuring multiple unlockable vehicles, diverse courses that can be manipulated through hacking, and powerful items to find.

The game’s story mode is set in the distant future. Humans live in large colonies in outer space, the last 400 years of the race’s history filled with secrets and conspiracies. The player controls a pilot selected to compete in the highly competitive and dangerous tournament, Turbolink. With the help of a skilled mechanic, the player builds a super-car to defeat the opposition.


Turbolink can also be played in split screen mode with friends. The studio, Division Five, has taken the game to Kickstarter to fund an online multiplayer mode, and is aiming to raise $20,000 CAD in the next 26 days. Division Five is a small indie studio founded in 2014. For Turbolink, Division Five has teamed up with AudioTech, who is creating an original dubstep soundtrack for the game.

Turbolink is in preparation for release on Steam Early Access for Mac, Windows, and Steam OS, with release on Xbox and PS4 planned for March 2016. The team also offer Xbox Live Arcade Keys on their Kickstarter.


You can back online multiplayer for Turbolink here. For more information, visit the game’s website or Facebook, or follow the game on Twitter.