Community Update – Week 3

IGM Community Update

Hey IGM community, Sam here! Welcome back to the Community Update! Because it has been so long since the last Community Update, I will start us off by explaining the point of this article.

For the past few months, we at The Indie Game Magazine have been making a massive push to expand our community. Our goal is modest – to be THE place for indie developers to interact with potential players, and then give and receive feedback from other developers. The Community Update series is designed to let our readers know what great things happen in our happy forums, and why they should join.

How about we start off with some free games then?

Active Giveaways:

Amazing Ants is a top-down strategy game where the player leads his or her army of ants against the enemy ant army. Amazing Ants is the project of active IGM community member, Andy Hatch.  Amazing Ants has everything from multiplayer, mini-games, to a level editor. You can check out the giveaway at this link. You can also read the developers thread for information on the game, complete with developer diary videos!

There are three codes remaining for Amazing Ants.


Overdriven is an Xbox Live Indie Game from CuChu Game. Overdriven is a four-player cooperative game, and is great fun with friends. With four difficulties for four different gameplay modes, Overdriven has a ton of replayability. You can view the giveaway thread here.

We have six codes remaining for Overdriven.

Interesting Games From the Forums


Stampede 3D is an interesting iOS game from FlyLeap Studios. Stampede 3d puts the player in the middle of a stampede of different types of animals depending on the level. The player must defeat or avoid the horde to survive for a set amount of time. With its beautiful visuals, I’m excited to see more of Stampede 3d. The game releases on February 7th, so be sure to follow the developers on Twitter.


Operation Aftermath

Operation Aftermath comes from community member Jenraux. Operation Aftermath is a multiplayer combat game. There are five different game modes planned for the final release of the game, including co-op survival, Capture the Flag, and King of the Hill. Jenraux’s team plans to release a pre alpha demo on Friday, February 1st which will include one survival level, and a four player deathmatch level. Follow the game on Twitter for up to date info on the development.


Roam is a isometric zombie survival game that was recently posted on the forums.  Roam gives the players the tools to barricade buildings, and even build entire outposts to hold off the horde. This four-player game with randomly generated worlds looks fantastic. You can read more about Roam, and support it on its Kickstarter page here.


And that is it for this week! We’ll see you in the forums! If you decide to join the club, be sure to introduce yourself over at the Introduce Yourself section of the forums!

Sam loves supporting the indie game community. Come talk to him in our forums, or on Twitter @IndieSamAdonis