Comic Battle Draws the Story of an Intergalactic Arena Champion

Comic Battle gives players the opportunity to star in their own comic. As each battle draws to a close in the superhero brawler, the game renders a unique, drawn comic to tell the tale of rising superstars.

Fighters from across the universe compete to become intergalactic arena champion. The diverse cast masters various powers, including Void Energy, manipulation of natural elements, and even mind controlling abilities. Combatants who eschew psionic abilities instead rely on brute strength and powerful guns, but either style will still require some cunning and teamwork.


In order to join the winning squad, players can test their tactical mettle against either AI bots or real players from around the world in online fights. The latter happens over real-time, although the action in Comic Battle is turn-based (turns are limited to 25 seconds to maintain game flow). Aside from online battles, players can also brawl locally on one screen with random teams, saving the need for two devices.

The game features 60 different battle abilities, with many extending beyond basic attacks and area-of-effect blasts to include energy shields, buffs, and debuffs. Those need to be used in tandem because a simple head-on approach is likely to backfire. Comic Battle wants to emphasize discovering potential combos between fighters to uncover their battle potential. Then, based on what actions took place in combat, the game renders a comic that continues the player’s story.


Comic Battle is finishing up development and aiming to release this July. The game will be free-to-play and work on iOS platforms, compatible with the iPhone and iPad. Follow the game on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date as Comic Battle nears its release.

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