Collect and Battle Runemals in New Windows Phone RPG

Game Troopers has released Runemals, a Pokemon-influenced, turn-based RPG for Windows Phone. In the game, players take on the role of Bright, who finds an old artifact of his grandfather’s and has to choose between three elements: Fire, Nature, or Water. The choice summons an according ‘Runemal’, a supposedly-extinct creature that can be caught, trained, and evolved through battles. Combat has puzzle-solving elements to it, as energy is gathered by tapping groups of matching runes.


The Runemals world is constantly expanding with new creatures, quests, and updates, illustrated in an anime-like style. The game encourages exploration of Rune Island as the story of Bright and Havok, the older Runemals trainer who takes him under his wing, unfolds. There are many different Runemals to be collected throughout the game, which takes an old-school, turn-based RPG style and combines it with the puzzle mechanics recognizable from casual mobile games.

Game Troopers is a publisher that specializes in Windows titles, founded by award-winning mobile startup Space Inch and Plunge Interactive. The studio, located in Spain, has released several titles for Windows Phone and more including The Last Door, an H.P Lovecraft-inspired adventure that won multiple Game of the Year awards back in 2013.


Runemals is available for free from the Windows Store. For more information check out Game Trooper’s website, Facebook, or Twitter.