Cloud Chasers Willing to Tackle Immigration Issues

In times of massive immigration due to conflict, such as the civil war in Syria, it’s felt to be necessary to talk about this topic somehow, though many choose their own way of doing so. Zurich-based studio Blindflug wants to tackle that issue with their new adventure game Cloud Chasers, “albeit set in a fictional setting,” according to a press release sent by the team.


The immigrants in Cloud Chasers are farmer Francisco and his daughter Amelia. Both live in a desert, trying to survive the harsh weather conditions and the constant lack of water, but Francisco realizes he can no longer sustain his family where they are. They start a journey to artificial floating islands in the sky where only privileged people live, and where they will try to start a better life.

Father and daughter go through hard times to accomplish their goal. The only way to get water for the journey is by piloting Amelia’s glider and collecting some of it in lower clouds. While she does this, she encounters dangerous drones and cloud harvesters from the societal elite, from above the clouds, that might get on her way.


“The guys behind the game are not politicians or politically affiliated, but set out on a mission to make great entertaining games about serious real world topics,” says another part of the release. Those interested in knowing more about the developer’s mission with Cloud Chasers can find out at their official website, whereas those who want to jump right into the adventure can buy the game in the App Store or Google Play at a price of $3.99 USD.

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