Clone-Based Platformer Infinity Inc. Is Out for Blood

Development team The Shpufa recently released Infinity Inc. on game-hosting site Dojo Games. In short, the game is a side-scrolling puzzle platformer about cloning the player character and then killing those clones. It is also the current recipient of the “Excellence in Narrative” award courtesy of European festival DevGAMM.


The story puts players in the shoes of a low-tier employee working for a large corporation known as Infinity Inc. The company’s most recent technological breakthrough is a cloning gun, which can replicate any object. Despite a corporate mandate that specifically states employees may not use the gun to clone themselves, chaos inevitably ensues when the player clones himself and things go awry. To progress through the game’s five different stages, clones must be killed to solve location-based puzzles and elude traps, which primarily consist of saws and lasers.

The developers cite the influence of classic sci-fi stories and games, from I, Robot to Portal. With 8-bit style animation and a dystopian corporate setting, players create and defeat their clones to solve puzzles in an effort to work out who’s left so many deadly lasers and saws everywhere.


Infinity Inc. is currently available on Dojo Games, where it is free to play. To find out more about The Shpufa, check them out on Twitter or read the interview posted on the Dojo Games blog with founder George Kobyakov.