Cleanse Olympus in the Name of Zeus in Spartan Fury

Spartan Fury 2

Spartan Fury is a 2-D arcade-style platformer from URIgames that’s influenced by other platformers like Mega Man X. Players take on the role of Leonidas, king of Sparta, who answers the call of Zeus. Leonidas is tasked with purging the land of Olympus from the evil void creatures and their nefarious masters.

Spartan Fury 3

Players will jump and shoot their way through both the light world and the corrupt dark world in order to find the center of the corruption. Their ultimate goal is to cleanse the land in the name of the Olympian gods, and discover the truth behind the invasion. The game features over 40 levels, with bosses that are themed around the demons of Greek mythology. Throughout their journey, players will collect treasures which will aid them. The game also has something called “instanced sections.”  These are based on where the player is at the time. When a player hits a section, the game reacts and throws challenges at the player. URIgames also plans on weekly updates to add more bosses and levels to the game. The game was designed with mobile in mind to give players tight and responsive controls for quick reaction.

Spartan Fury1

Spartan Fury is out now on Android via Google Play for free. To learn more about the game and developer URIgames follow them on  Twitter.

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