Classic Asteroids Meets Relativity in AGRAV

Fans of old-school games with vector graphics like Asteroids might be happy with the release of AGRAV. The game is under development by null2, a German studio based in Berlin, and offers an astrophysics-driven puzzle game for mobile devices “where you can touch and bend space to maneuver your ship around dangerous obstacles,” according to a press release.

VgY670CIn the game, players have to propel their ship with nothing but the gravity of black holes they place themselves. The game is ruled by the laws of gravity and relativity, and players must develop strategies to use those laws in their favor in order to rescue astral beings called Gravmites, who have been trapped within the void. The game’s visual features have been developed with the 80’s classics that inspired AGRAV in mind, but feature a more futuristic 2.5D look.

AGRAV will feature 30 levels in the main game, all of them integrated with the Game Center, where leaderboards, medals, and achievements are available. The game’s soundtrack is being developed by DJ Glow, a composer awarded for the soundtrack of Radioflare, the IGF Mobile 2009 Audio Achievement winner.

The game will be available for free on September 23 exclusively on iOS devices. A premium DLC featuring another 60 levels will also be available at a price point of $1.99 upon release. For further information about the game, visit the game’s official website or follow the developers on Twitter for future updates.

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