CITADEL VR Heads to Kickstarter

Winged Mind Studios is working on a VR genre that hasn’t yet seen many games released – first-person shooter – with Citadel VR, a scifi game that takes place on the space station CSS CITADEL.

The station had been holding prisoners of war, who escaped, and are now fighting for control of the Citadel. This riot has trapped the player and other members of the station’s crew, and so their job becomes surviving and, eventually, escaping. Being a virtual reality game, everything is controlled by the spatial controller – Oculus Rift’s “Oculus Touch,” or that of the HTC Vive, for example – and so most of the interactions in the game are achieved by player’s moving their hands in an approximation of what their actual hands might be doing in that situation. To unholster a gun, for example, the player would reach down and grab it off their in-game hip, and do the same for the magazine, which they would then manually slot into the weapon.

Citadel VR screenshot

Winged Mind Studios is seeking €32,500 (about $36,577 USD) in order to continue working on Citadel VR, and have a variety of reward tiers. The pledge rewards include everything from a thank you in the credits (for €5), all the way up to an all-expenses paid trip to the WMS offices, which will set one lucky backer back a paltry €7,000.

Those interested can back the game over on the Kickstarter page, and find out more about the game there, from the developer’s website, or by watching the video at the top of the page, which shows a demonstration of the game’s basics.

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