Chromaticon Turns a Colorful Puzzle

Colorful games like Chromaticon usually draw my attention, and if it’s a puzzle game, the effect doubles. This game is both. Rlyeh Industry released their game last month and it is a fast-paced color-matching game that uses a lot of contrast and glowing orbs to set an hypnotic 2-D game environment.

Chromaticon consists of a circular chromatic shield protecting a core from incoming colored marbles, shooting from every part of the screen. The player must rotate the shield to match each marble color and therefore keep the nucleus safe. If a marble matches the shield’s color, it’s neutralized and won’t do any harm, but if it hits any other color, the shield starts to fade. There are different kinds of orbs, and hence different ways of neutralizing them, depending on the stage played.


When things start to look like a bullet hell – and according to the developers, they will – the player can activate utilities and shield impulses to enhance their survival chances, automatically destroying every marble on the screen, granting extra protection to the shield or even healing it. Every shield movement and power-up used must be carefully planned, which brings tactical planning to this puzzle game. Chromaticon‘s levels become increasingly more difficult, but upgrade points can be used to make things more well-balanced. In addition, an important note is that the shield’s spinning sensitivity is adjustable, making the game adaptable for any player.


Chromaticon is available on the App Store for $1,99. For more information and further updates, visit the game’s website.

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