‘Children Of Liberty’ Gets A New Trailer For The New Year

Children of Liberty

Just yesterday the latest trailer came out from Latana Games highlighting a bit more of the story behind their up and coming new title Children Of Liberty.

We have eagerly been following developments of Children Of Liberty over last year, and have featuring several articles about the game development (15 Indie Games That Will Surprise You In 2012, Children Of Liberty Gets A GDC Trailer Alpha Now Playable) and we even managed to interview Latana Games about it at the Boston Festival Of Indie Games.

You may think we are slightly obsessed with Children Of Liberty and for the most part we are, but there is very good reasons for it. Just watch the latest trailer below and all will be made clear as to why we are so transfixed on this new game:

Children Of Liberty is a stealth action game like no other, as it throws the player into a 3D world whilst only utilizing 2D gameplay mechanics. Yes that’s right and although the maths may not add up it seems to work fantastically, and brings with it a whole new gameplay mechanic.

It looks fantastic as the art has been lovingly crafted into this brilliant comic book style design that deliberately depicts the assets as paper-thin cut-outs  All this feeds into a very visually appealing game that if it manages to play even half as well as it looks I have no doubt that Children Of Liberty will be a very special game indeed.

Children Of Liberty is still very much in the early stages of its development cycle but is already starting to look fantastic. Currently Lantana Games are in the alpha funding stage and are looking for your help to continue funding the game.

If you are interested in Children Of Liberty but you are not quite sure if it is your type of game, be sure to head over to the Lantana Games website to try out the online alpha demo. If you enjoy the demo consider funding them via Desura, along with allowing them to get the game onto Steam via Greenlight.

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