Chesh Shatters the Very Core of Chess

Three chess pieces walk into a bar…and they get drunk and invent Chesh. Don’t be fooled by the quality of the joke. Instead, gaze at the possible 533 pieces presented in this mobile game.

Chesh mixes up the traditional chess formula with a lots of random generation. While the rules are similar — take out the opposition — there’s no tutorial or help to get an early grasp of the game. Instead, Chesh wants players to discover and learn something with every match. From changing board sizes to differing set pieces, the two opponents have little idea about how the match will go.


Over 30 artists contributed to creating 533 unique looks to Chesh pieces. Functionality isn’t tied to each individual piece, so even the most avid Chesh fans won’t be able to memorize their patterns, which evens the field. Every piece will have its own way of movement. Exacerbating the randomness are three game modes: Infinite Chesh, which has no time limit; Bullet Chesh, where players are given a max of ten seconds per turn; and Blitz Chesh, which sets a specific time limit and players earn a second on the timer with each turn.


Chesh will debut on the App Store October 8th, exclusively for iOS. At first, Apple users can grab it for $2.99, but shortly after, the price goes up to $4.99. Check out the game’s website for information and a newsletter subscription option as well as the developer’s Twitter account for updates.

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