‘Chasm’ Gets New Trailer And Demo Amidst Funding Campaign

With eleven days and just under $30,000 to go on the Chasm Kickstarter campaign, Discord Games is anxiously eyeing the clock. So far, over 4,500 backers have pulled together $121,800 in funding, but Kickstarter campaigns have fallen short on much smaller budget gaps. With an updated demo and a new trailer, Discord Games is hoping to generate the momentum needed to meet the complete goal of $150,000.

Discord Games in incredibly optimistic.

“The response to our Kickstarter has been overwhelming positive,” developer James Petruzzi said to IGM. “A community of passionate fans has quickly sprung up in the last few weeks, and the demo has given them a lot to talk about. We’ve had many people tell us it’s the first Kickstarter they’ve ever backed, primarily due to the demo.”

To reinforce their optimism, Discord Games hopes to not only meet, but surpass the $150,000 goal, as evidenced by the stretch-goal announcement, made yesterday. The very first stretch goal, at $160,000 is an extended soundtrack, followed by the implementation of Achievements into the game at $170,000. The extended soundtrack will come along with the regular Chasm soundtrack, which is available entirely for free on Discord Games’ SoundCloud page.

Some of the changes to the demo of Chasm include revamped graphics, a hardcore and time-trial mode, additional weapons, as well as over a dozen bug fixes.

Visit Chasm’s Kickstarter campaign page where the demo is available for download.


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