Charlotte Seeker Needs Crowd-Funding

Chicago indie developer BEARCOWBOY is seeking crowdfunding for their game Charlotte Seeker.

Charlotte Seeker is a top-down, rogue-like twin-stick shooter set on an alien craft that’s been overrun by parasites. Players assume the role of Charlotte, and survival will take all of the twitch reflexes you can muster. Dodging projectiles and building up your multiplier is key in this title. Twitch streaming will also be directly integrated into the game.

Charlotte Seeker 002

BEARCOWBOY has raised nearly $3,000 for Charlotte Seeker, with an intended goal of raising $8,000. “We believe in this game, which is why we’ve been paying for its development out of pocket for the past six months,” the team stated on their Kickstarter page.


The guys at BEARCOWBOY, Joseph Hogwood and Dan Hernbrott, are looking for funding to add more levels, enemies, and power-ups. One environment is finished, and BEARCOWBOY plans to add at least five more.

Charlotte Seeker is coming this year to PC, Mac, Linux, and PS Vita. You can download a playable demo here.