Challenging Physics-Based Platformer Mass Vector Coming Soon

Moving Pixel Games is the studio of developer Chris Fryer. Over the last two years, Fryer has been designing Mass Vector, “a physics based game of skill and patience.”

The game is animated in a minimalist style with vibrant colors, with the player controlling a space ship. The aim is to pick up colored blocks with the tractor beam and place them on green platforms. Blocks are different sizes, with each type affecting the maneuverability of the ship differently. Some require extra assistance from Boost stations, and there are Repair stations to fix the ship up as it gets damaged.


Mass Vector has 50 Speed levels and 50 Hazard levels. On the Speed levels, the player has to beat the fastest times set by Fryer himself (and it’s safe to assume he is pretty good, being that he’s the developer). The Hazard levels aren’t timed but can be very difficult; there are three difficulty settings, with the hardest designed to be extremely challenging.

Four player profiles allow for PvP, and the game supports Xbox controllers as well as keyboard and mouse. Its soundtrack consists of seven different compositions from young electronic artist Luke T.


Mass Vector will be available on Steam for Mac and Windows from November 25th. The demo is currently available on For more information, check out Moving Pixel’s website. You can also check out Luke T’s Facebook.