Challenging 2D Motocross Sidescroller: 2 Wheels 4 Life

2 Wheels 4 Life is a minimal side-scrolling motocross game for mobile devices, incorporating device tilt to rotate the course for an immersive experience. Developed by Frenetic Gamez to provide the “hardest challenge for a motorcross [sic] game ever,” gamers can expect a great deal of replay value as they struggle to reach the end of each level, and beat their previous times.


2 Wheels 4 Life offers 28 tracks for gamers to play through, including 4 Halloween levels for those who are still missing a bit of spookiness from the weekend. Each runthrough is timed with a stopwatch running at the top of the screen. The goal of each run is to reach the end of the level quickly, with bronze, silver, gold, and platinum medals rewarded depending on the speed of the run. Achieving faster times on certain levels will upgrade the stats of the motocross bike, increasing the top speed, acceleration, braking, and the rotation speed for better controls and capabilities. Players may find this a necessary feature in order to reach the more challenging platinum medal times within each level.


2 Wheels 4 Life is available for both iOS and Android mobile devices for free, with an in-app purchase available to remove advertisements. For more information on this and future Frenetic Gamez projects, follow the developer on Twitter or “like” his Facebook page.

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