Challenge Friends to Ricochet Battles in Tankr

Tankr is a top-down arcade shooter for up to four players, and is the brainchild of developers Mighty Toast. Similar to the Tank game for Atari, players face each other (or join forces) to see who’s the best shot in a variety of environments and maps. Unlike its pixelated predecessor, however, Tankr has a few tricks up its sleeve.

Tankr 1

In either single or multiplayer modes, players fight through five campaigns of increasing difficulty. There are over 100 stages in total, where shots are aimed, fired, and ricocheted off of the various obstacles in the environment. The player with the best trickshot wins the game, but that may only be in the game’s default stages; for those with a more creative mind, Tankr features a level editor, where players can create their own battleground. Build walls, hiding places, and design patterns with different block styles to increase the challenge for friends.

Tankr 2

Tankr is expected to be released on Windows, MacOS and Linux by late 2015 to early 2016, and is projected to be priced at around $15 USD. To support the production of Tankr, visit their Kickstarter, where they are currently seeking funding in order to present a more polished product. Mighty Toast studio has provided demos for Tankr, which can be downloaded for either Windows or Mac via the Kickstarter page.

For more information about Tankr and Mighty Toast, follow the team’s Twitter, or “like” them on Facebook.

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