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planet diver

Dive into the Random Generation of Planet Diver

The concept is simple: Plummet through space in search of labyrinthine planet chasms to explore. Planet Diver asks players to take the plunge into the unknown,...

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Watch Civilization Fall from Mayan Death Robots

History is filled with many great mysteries. Who built Stonehenge? What happened to the colony of Roanoke? One of the most perplexing mysteries is finding out what...


Survivor Squad: Gauntlets Gets Free DLC

Survivor Squad: Gauntlets has been updated with a free batch of DLC in the form of Thank You: The Game 2. First, Survivor Squad is a strategy-action game that hinges...


Defend the Highlands Leaves Early Access

Kilted Camel and Kiss Ltd recently completed the development of their single-player strategy title Defend the Highlands. The game now features numerous improvements, and...


Song of Horror Preview: A Return to Classic Fear

I’m not just on board the hype train for Protocol Games’ Song of Horror, I’m eating snacks from a first-class car. In this third-person horror,...


4-Player Cooperative Digital Board Game: Space Food Truck

Space Food Truck is a 1-4 player cooperative digital board game and culinary adventure under development by One Man Left Studios. The game follows a culinary spaceship...


Steam-Powered Crime Rules in SteamWorld Heist

Space, the last great frontier, where the rules are more like guidelines. People of all walks of life have a chance to strike out on their own, though some go for more...

friday the 13th

Jason Voorhees Has Been Unleashed

Beware, gamers. Jason Voorhees has been unleashed. On Friday the 13th, with some impeccable timing, Gun Media’s Friday the 13th: The Game was successfully...

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FL337 Set to Make Waves on Early Access

Make sure the swords are refilled and the rum bottles are sharpened…or is it…nevermind. Developer KWL Productions is releasing FL337 onto Steam Early Access...


Magician’s Apprentice – Customize An Epic Adventure

Magician’s Apprentice is a crossgenre hack’n’slash roguelike game inspired by classic games like Diablo 2 and developed by the team at