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AX:EL - Air XenoDawn

AX:EL – Air XenoDawn: Science Fiction Arcade Flight Simulator

AX:EL – Air XenoDawn is a futuristic flight simulator developed by Axe Eel Games that puts players in a malleable craft with the ability to fly through the air and...

Screenshot Saturday Issyos

#ScreenshotSaturday Spotlight, Weekend of December 12th 2015

Every Saturday be sure to check the #ScreenshotSaturday tag on Twitter for a great behind-the-scenes look at a ton of indie games currently in development. Here are a...

Into The Dim

Into The Dim Is A Turn-Based, Dungeon Adventure Coming Next Week

Into The Dim is a turn-based dungeon crawler that’s releasing on December 16th for iOS devices. The developer, Happymagenta, has previously released Fists of Fury,...

Dexterity Ball 3D review

Dexterity Ball 3D Review: Get the Ball Rolling

A few years ago, I wrote about Influx, a fun little game about rolling a ball around an island and solving mysterious puzzle rooms that populated that island. Earlier...

Dungeon Rush

Dungeon Rushers Is A Dungeon Crawling, Turn-Based, RPG Sandwich

Last night I dove into Goblinz Studio’s upcoming game Dungeon Rushers, and besides being reminded that words looks cooler with an unnecessary “z” at...