CATDAMMIT! Director’s Cat Features New Content, Same Hobo Cat


If that headline made you do a double take, just imagine what my email inbox is like. Anyway, developer Fir&Flams is hard at work on an updated version of their debut title CATDAMMIT! which, as they put it, is “like an arcade beat’em up, mixed with Mario, infinite runner and a lot of retro love”. The game centers around a “milkoholic” feline hobo named Roman, who finds a chainsaw while rummaging through the trash in search of food. The chainsaw gets stuck to his dirty paws while turned on, and madness (hilarity?) ensues shortly thereafter.

The game features an interesting open-world approach to each level, which allows for hidden passages and multiple pathways to be discovered while exploring. As you can see from the trailer, CATDAMMIT! Director’s Cat is currently looking for votes on Greenlight. The new edition is said to contain new game modes, characters, locations, and enemies. It will be released as a standalone build for PC, Mac, and Linux, and will come with an original soundtrack when purchased. The official website is still under construction, but more information will be posted there when available.

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