Castling Brings New Challenge to an Old Classic

Castling (iOS) - 05A new take on chess, called Castling, has been designed by developer and publisher, Oddlabs, and the game’s name itself is a tribute to a tactic in the classic game. Castling tries to show that even the most classical games can be reimagined, and presents an strategic puzzle made up entirely by chess pieces.

In a world taken over by an evil king, the player controls the pieces’ rebellion against him and has to solve more than 60 puzzles. These take place throughout 3 different worlds, and must be solved in order to protect the lands against his wicked ways. As in the original game, each piece has its own movement style, to be mastered by the player, and the less moves used to complete a level, the higher the final score for the stage.

Castling (iOS) - 03

The first levels in Castling are used to show the game mechanics and the six pieces that will occasionally show up depending on the level. Later stages are more challenging, mixing different pieces and introducing new elements such as colored pieces, goals and various obstacles, like walls, bridges, and fences. Other board formats can also complicate the puzzles even more; which, luckily, isn’t something people have to worry about in classic chess. I can only imagine it would make it that much more difficult.

Puzzle and chess fans can already enjoy Castling on their iOS devices, by purchasing the game from the App Store for $0.99. Unfortunately, there’s no sign of an Android version coming anytime soon. For further information, visit the game’s website.

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