Castaway Paradise Celebrates Women’s Soccer With Free DLC

Lots of people around the world tuned to catch the 2014 World Cup. Fewer people, however, paid attention to the event’s distaff counterpart, the Women’s World Cup, which was held in Canada. The developers at Stolen Couch Games think this is a darn shame.

“It’s a shame that soccer fans ignore women’s soccer,” says Eric Diepeveen, one of their CEOs. “It’s an even bigger shame that not a single developer is celebrating women’s soccer during this year’s World Cup.”

Based in the Netherlands, Stolen Couch Games is the developer of Castaway Paradise, a sandbox sim along the lines of the Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing franchises, and the only game of its kind to be released on Steam. When the player character becomes stranded on a tropical island, they find themselves with the freedom to create the life they’ve always wanted. And now, in celebration of the Women’s World Cup, that life can include soccer.


Selma Oors, also a CEO of Stolen Couch games, notes that Castaway Paradise tries to be as inclusive as possible. To that end, “We’d like to support all the women playing soccer worldwide by giving everyone free DLC.” The Women’s World Cup Soccer DLC is available exclusively to PC and Mac players who get the game through Steam. It includes free items and clothing to allow even greater customization of each player’s island haven.

Along with this new appeal to soccer enthusiasts, Castaway Paradise is filled with villagers to befriend and assist, objects to find and collect, gardens to raise, and holidays to celebrate. The open-world RPG invites players to a gaming experience able to mirror each player’s personality.


The full game can be purchased on Steam for PC and Mac players at a price of $14.99 USD. Mobile gamers, while unable to partake in the free soccer DLC, can also download the game for free (with optional in-app purchases) for iOS devices. It’s also available as a Unity-based app for Facebook gamers. Learn more about “living the island life” on the Castaway Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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