Cascata Finds Surprise Release During #IndiE3 Stream

Monday evening during the #IndiE3 livestream, the empathy-based platformer Cascata released on PC. Part arcade platformer, part co-op arena madness, Cascata’s release was a pleasant surprise to streamers who tuned into day 1 of the IndiE3 projectCascata is a game that requires players to co-operate locally and empathize with one another in order to succeed.

Players will collect little diamonds to stop wavy death-lasers from obliterating their partner, as well as sacrifice their own counters to protect  their partner from a game over. You can see how gameplay works for yourself in developer Fourthfloor’s charming “trailer” above.

IndiE3 is a brand new initiative to bring attention to indie games during the busiest time in gaming by livestreaming gameplay trailers, interviews, and panels from dozens of industry specialists. For more info, check out our IGM Guide to E3 featuring streaming details and all the indie news across E3 week.