Caromble! Chapter 2 Update Breaks More Bricks



Crimson Owl Studios have been working on their own vision of what the classic brick breaker game Arkanoid would look like with today’s modern graphics. Their final result is Caromble!,  the brick breaker game with no limits.

Caromble! introduces physics puzzles, bosses, speedruns, and a whole host of other features to add onto the classic ball and paddle mechanic from the ’80s. The goal is to update this long forgotten genre and bring a more rounded game that offers hours of unique gameplay.

Although still in Early Access, Caromble! has just been updated with the second chapter, adding extra story levels and power-ups to the game. Crimson Owl Studios are expecting to release a total of six chapters for Caromble! before its final release late this year.

If you have longed for a new brick breaker game that builds on the well-established model then be sure to check out Caromble!. You can check out the Steam page and the official website for more information about the game.

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