Caromble! Brings New Take on Breakout to Steam Early Access

The Dutch studio Crimson Own is about to finish their new game, Caromble! This game is a modern take on the classic 80’s game Breakout, with fancy 3-D graphics and several different ways to play the old-school brick-breaking game. It can also be described as a physics-based puzzle game filled with power-ups, items, and a lot of explosions.

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In Caromble! players will be able to jump into a Story Mode with 6 chapters and 4 levels each. In addition, each level has a total of 3 areas, which adds up to a total of 72 different challenges in a handful of 3-D environments. For those interested in a hardcore experience, a Challenge Mode will also be available with over 10 levels requiring a high skill level to be beaten.

Not much has been revealed yet about how the power-ups and explosions will work, but the developers guarantee that there will be a lot of them, just like in other games from the genre. Also, players will be rewarded with medals for high scores and speedruns, as a way to motivate them to face the game from a different perspective.


Caromble! was recently released on Steam Early Access at a price point of $12.99 for Windows PC only. So far, there are no intentions to bring the game to other platforms. For any further information, visit the game’s official website or follow the developers on Twitter.

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