Canvaleon Stands Out While Blending in on Wii U

Canvas, the protagonist of Canvaleon, has always stood out, despite being a chameleon; he’s completely white, having been born without the ability to change colors. With the help of a friend, that all changes, which is going to be very useful in the Wii U stealth platformer.

As Canvas finds special, colorful butterflies, he’s able to produce camouflages appropriate to any situation. The adventure begins by looking for pigments with Dood. Lots of enemies patrol each of the levels in Canvaleon, so running wildly through them isn’t a smart idea. Instead, Canvas can use stealth to outsmart unfriendly lizards. If he has matching colors (at least up to a certain percentage), he can blend into the background to safely move past them.


Between Canvaleon‘s non-linear stages, the player can craft camouflage either by buying it from a store or painting it, which is done on the Wii U gamepad screen. In total, Canvas travels across over 30 different stages, rescuing fellow chameleons and sneaking past enemies. As he beats bosses, he also unlocks new abilities.

Canvaleon, developed by the Spanish OXiAB Game Studio, is scheduled to release for the Wii U on July 23. It releases simultaneously in the USA and Europe. Stateside, its regular price will be $13.95, though in the first two weeks, it’s going to be available for the discounted price of $11.95.

Check out the game’s website for more screenshots, and stay up to date about this and future projects by following the studio’s Twitter.

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