Can You Survive the Liquid Chaos of Splash Damage?

If fast-paced arcade games with retro art and 8 bit audio are your go-to jam, then Splash Damage: Survive if you Can has you covered. The game, which saw its origins as an experiment using Google’s liquid physics engine, was created by Hashstash, an award-winning independent game development studio from India. Described as a frenetic platformer in which ‘two pools of liquid want you to drown’, Splash Damage puts you in control of a tiny, animated bush that must find a way to balance both the liquids and its own body weight, or fall and perish.

Gameplay consists of unlocking and upgrading power ups that will make it easier to survive in a game that is easy to learn, but difficult to master. Splash Damage boasts highly realistic liquids and crazy platforming action, not unlike that of Super Meat Boy, and provides players the chance to compete against one another to beat high scores. The soundtrack, which features an authentic, chiptune style has been synthesized using FamiTracker, a freely available Windows tracker for making music for NES/Famicom systems.

splash damage

While the game will function on all Apple devices released from 2013 and onwards, it has been specifically optimized for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and iPad Air 2. Exclusively for iOS, you can download Splash Damage: Survive if you Can today for just $1.99 from the App Store. For tips, questions, or any more information you’d like to know about the game, be sure to contact the developers on Twitter and Facebook. What do you think about Splash Damage? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

A keen retrogamer who grew up playing classics like Prince of Persia, Aladdin, and Diddy Kong Racing, Katrina believes that digital games are not just fun, but a great way to learn. These days she enjoys studying Japanese language acquisition, and designing her own games.