‘Button Brigade’ — Get Ready For Buttons With A Twist

Button Brigade

Buttons are an essential part of pretty much every videogame ever built. Taken alone or combined with a joystick/directional pad, they determine every allowable action within a game. So personally, I’m inclined to be grateful to buttons and what they do for gamerkind. Axis Sivitz happens to agree with me on this point, and thus Button Brigade is underway.

Button Brigade is a new indie coming to the iPad and iPhone sometime in late July. Obviously, the game contains copious amounts of buttons. However, like any good indie game, this one has a twist—the buttons are not merely for controlling the game. They’re in the game. I’m not sure I’m capable of describing this to you, so I’ll just let you check out this explanatory video instead:


Personally, I’m quite excited about helping a robot worm escape a factory by taking over (and sometimes talking to) buttons. Actually, I’d be sold on any one part of that sentence. If you’re as interested in this as I am, head over to check out Button Brigade’s official website.

Button Brigade Screenshot

Sivitz has been working on Button Brigade for nearly two years. It’s his second game to head over to the App Store, the first being a game called Championship Ultimate (which happens to be based on the sport of Ultimate Frisbee). So if you ever feel bored between now and late July, you can go check Championship Ultimate out in the iTunes App Store.