Burninate the Countryside in Dragon

Man, that reference is almost older than my siblings. Dragon is a new game from Red Level Games, an Indie dev from Washington (the state, not the district).

Dragon puts you in control of, well, a dragon, of course. Instead of controlling pitiful humans and flinging small, insignificant pieces of sharp iron attached to wood at dragons, you get to be the dragon that makes humans look pathetic. In the game, dragons are portrayed as “the monstrous, complex, and epic protagonists that they are.” That is to say, you get to fly around as a flame-breathing lizard and show humans that the myths were real.

Perhaps the most interesting feature is that the game is an action-RPG, meaning Dragon will offer all of the same kinds of customization experiences of a traditional, non-dragon-centric RPG: Leveling, personalization of your character, and personalization of how you fight and play all feature into Dragon. In addition, there will be options for cooperative play and player versus player combat. So if you get bored of killing humans, you can take to the multiplayer skies and kill other dragons instead.

Dragon is out now on Steam Early Access for Windows PCs, so most of the features have not been fully implemented in the game yet. Still, if it’s always been your life’s dream to be a dragon, or burn people to death with your breath, then you can check the game now. It’s scheduled to release some time in 2016 though, so you have plenty of time to decide if you aren’t quite sure.

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  • Kevin Fishburne

    I noticing one of the upcoming features was “hunt and grow”. It would be interesting if the game let you start as a hatchling (in simulation mode, or whatever), first eating killed prey delivered by your mother, then slowly honing your hunting prowess on rats, chickens, rabbits, and finally more dangerous prey like horses, wolves and humans. With each pound of flesh you could grow by half that, meaning the drive to feed would be consistently strong as the player would directly associate it with their own power and size.