Burn Zombie Burn Shambles onto iOS

Top-down zombie slaughter game, Burn Zombie Burn, by Tick Tock Games, has made the jump to iOS and is now available in the Mac App Store. After a PS3 and Android platform release, Burn Zombie Burn has been providing many hours of brainless, chaotic, zombie smashing at the hands of Bruce, a man who was just trying to enjoy some quality time with his girlfriend, Daisy.

BZB gives players an arsenal of weapons – for example, a chainsaw and a minigun – to mow down zombies in an attempt to survive as long as possible, with the highest score possible. With bonuses, kill chain combos, and an array of weapons, there’s a lot of ordinance to put between Bruce and the dead. The game title suggests barbecuing the dead, which may make them drop more items and create a better score, but the flames make them move faster, putting Bruce in more danger, so char-grilling large hordes is a risk-reward tactic.

Burn Zombie Burn - 08

With a simple goal of preserving the lives of the Bruce and Daisy while obtaining the highest score possible, Burn Zombie Burn builds a pick-up-and-play environment that can be enjoyed anytime. A wide range of enemies, such as exploders, dancers, and fire-farters, await the player in large, undead numbers, so gamers will want to keep moving and fighting at all times.

For $6.99, Burn Zombie Burn can be obtained from the Mac App Store on devices running OS X 10.6 or later, or from Google Play on Android 2.3 and up for $3.50. Will you be turning the undead to ashes anytime soon?

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