Bundle Stars “Indie Rush Bundle” Includes ‘Rush Bros’ ‘Tiny Bang Story’ And Others


Bundle Stars’ latest indie game bundle includes six titles for (currently) less than $3.50.

Right now, in the Indie Rush Bundle, buyers can pick up Rush Bros, Velvet Assassin, The Tiny Bang Story, Lunar Flight, and Glowfish, for $3.48. A sixth mystery game will be revealed at a later date. A percentage of bundle sales will go to Special Effect charity.


All six games are compatible on Windows and Macs, and all come with Steam keys. Both Rush Bros and Lunar Flight are featured in the Steam Trading Card program, that allows game owners to collect trading cards while playing through the games.

The Indie Rush Bundle runs for 21 more days, so buyers have plenty of time to decide if the bundle is something they’re interested in. Though at fifty-eight cents per game, that’s pretty affordable, even for the most thrifty of gamers.

Be sure to check out our review of Rush Bros (we gave it a 47%).  From our review: “If you’re a fan of high-energy rhythm games, and you have friends that are too, I recommend you take a look at Rush Bros. If you’re looking for a platforming game with some interesting elements, there are many more games out there that do what Rush Bros does and then some. This one’s worth a look, at the very least.”

Visit the Bundle Stars webpage for the Indie Rush Bundle and check it out, today.



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