Buildanauts – Infrastructure and Building Sim for All Ages

TouchTilt Games have been working on a new project called Buildanauts, a sandbox construction simulator. The primary aim is to make learning about planning and building from the ground up fun for kids (and any other age, really). You start as a single construction worker scouting for the perfect location to begin building a town. Place roads, buildings, and other necessary structures in order to create a livable environment, and make adjustments as necessary in order to keep your population happy. The concept is a familiar one to fans of SimCity 2000, but rather than having a merely top-down view, Buildanauts is a third-person perspective game that may hold appeal for fans of both city management sims and games like Minecraft.

Creating roads in Buildanauts.

Creating roads in Buildanauts.

Buildanauts began as an idea inspired by one of the developer’s three young sons; tangential learning of things like infrastructure and urban development can lead to a better understanding of how the world around them works, for children. After being awarded a grant for the game and opening offices to speed development, the past 5 months have been devoted to improving Buildanauts and raising awareness of the project.

Also, you get to destroy things.

Also, you get to destroy things!

Buildanauts is currently on Greenlight seeking votes, and you can find out more about the game from the website.

To follow development of the game, visit TouchTilt Games on their website, follow them on Twitter, or “like” their page on Facebook.

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