Browser-Based Strategy RPG Einherjar Chronicles Launches

Einherjar Chronicles is a strategy-simulation RPG developed by Appirits, and has been released today on web browsers. The game is set in a fantasy world inspired by Norse mythology, where players start as a young Asgardian on Midgar.


Einherjar Chronicles features a standard turn-based system with a wide range of units that are split into 6 main job trees: Axe, Sword, Spear, Archer, Elf, Sister. Each tree can also upgrade in two distinct branches, and there are unique jobs with their own set of strengths and skills, such as the powerful Valkyrie. The game utilizes an elemental system to add an extra layer of strategic complexity, as each class corresponds to one of 8 categories: Thunder, Water, Fire, Wood, Earth, Light, Dark, and Null.

Features include developing the headquarters, setting up specialized buildings that can create powerful weapons and armor, and further developing the different units in the army. How one player develops their army may work well against the strategy and development of another players units in PVP, both on a small arena scale and on a grand campaign scale (between guilds).


The game is available to play on Appirits website, here. Einherjar Chronicles is developed for web browsers and available to play for free, today. For more information on this and future Appirits project, like their game on Facebook.

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