Browser-based Feudal Wars Storms the RTS Genre

A working real-time strategy game that serves as an indie, spiritual successor to Age of Empires 2 is a pretty enticing idea. But one that is fully functional in a web browser? That’s the promise made by the currently in development project, Feudal Wars, which is an admittedly high bar to set.

Developed with HTML5 and under construction since January 2015, Feudal Wars plans to take advantage of browser capabilities while running a high, smooth framerate without tapping into graphic cards or downloadable, executable files. The solo developer, named Chris, estimates that up to eight players could operate on a map 10,000 by 10,000 pixels, with around 1,500 in-game units. Limitations aside, the setting will most likely be fictional with loose historical ties; knights, archers, and cavalry are certain to make appearances, but dragons may well find themselves in the world as well.


Feudal Wars will emphasize macro strategy over micro, meaning that mistakes and tiny decisions shouldn’t matter as much as the overarching strategies developed over the course of a match. Looking to distance itself from the difficulty curve of StarCraft 2 while aligning more with Age of Empires, the two medieval RTS series’ share the feature of unit formations. As demonstrated in the video above, even large numbers of soldiers can carefully execute an effective movement order, with archers automatically moving to the back, and so on.

Additional ideas for the game are listed on the developer blog, which also details some processes for creating water tiles and other HTML5 development. On a Reddit community site, the developer puts up images of buildings and objects that will soon arrive in-game.

Feudal Wars is still early in development, but the developer wants to gather more interest for the project. As such, there’s a mailing list for receiving updates about the game. When there’s enough interest, Feudal Wars may take the next step towards a crowdfunding platform. The game is planned to be free-to-play.

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