Bring On the Clowns – ‘My Fantastic Park’ Releases


Free to Play (or F2P) browser games have quite a bit of a market these days. It is awfully nice to see indies doing so well with their games! German game development studio Upjers isn’t an exception to this trend, already gaining five hundred thousand players in the beta for their new game – My Fantastic Park. Upjers tells us this is their most successful game launch ever.

My Fantastic Park is an amusement park management sim from the team behind My Free Zoo. Both are free-to-play browser games that make their money off microtransactions. This means the overall game is free, but you can purchase items in game for convenience and/or aesthetics. My Fantastic Park introduced a convenience card system which does exactly what you might think. The convenience cards will allow the player to “refill their shops” and “turn fortune wheels”.

One incredible thing about My Fantastic Park is that it was made in ten separate languages, including German, French and Polish.  An even more amazing feat is that Upjers promises to add more languages in a few weeks from now.

Upjers released a trailer of its game with the press release, which you can view below.


I want to go to that park! And I might do that, by playing My Fantastic Park at the game’s website!

So, readers, what do you think? Is F2P with microtransactions the way to go if you have the audience?

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  • Sam: I’m very confused as to why this was posted on indiegamemag? It does not appear to be an “indie” game by any stretch of the imagination. This game is made by a company with over 80 employees making over 5 million euros each year.

    In addition to this, your post about it reads very much like a press release.

    Maybe I’m wrong to think that indiegamemag is all about indie games only, or maybe my idea about what an indie game is, is wrong.