Bring Back Couch Co-op in Team Tractor Beam: Hyperjump Heroes

Team Tractor Beam: Hyperjump Heroes brings to PCs a split-screen, couch co-op gravity shooter for groups. Developed by Hot Mess Games, and inspired by at-home multiplayer memories, the gameplay allows for up to four players to play in three different game modes.


Core gameplay puts players in control of a shielded free-floating pod equipped with a tractor beam, able to move through a zero-gravity environment. The beam allows the pod to grapple with certain objects floating within the 2D map, although the shield must be lowered in order to use it. Team Tractor Beam (TTB) offers Versus, Survival, and Podball modes for multiplayer matches, each allowing up to four players in split-screen gameplay.

Versus games are standard deathmatches with pods searching for and fighting each other. Players can grab red crates with the tractor beam in order to start using a temporary power weapon. Survival pits players, or a single player, against waves of AI enemies while protecting, and repairing, a core. Finally, Podball puts players in a variant basketball match, where players’ pods grab a floating basketball and use the tractor beam to move it into the opponents’ net.


Developer John Lawson described Team Tractor Beam: Hyperjump Heroes as a “get-your-friends-round-for-pizza multiplayer”, with a small variety of high-intensity game modes. The game requires controllers to play. It is available on for free. Hot Mess Games is currently working on a twelve-level single player campaign; gamers can stay updated by following the game on Twitter.

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