Breaking Eggz Review

I had a hard time getting the idea of Breaking Eggz into my head. It seemed to me, that all I had to do was break some random eggs and then I could complete the level. Guess what, that’s all you do. While I accidentally skipped the intro page, I couldn’t find any information on the premises of the game on their website or help menu. I found out that basically, you break eggs and you sometimes get items that allow you to continue through the stages. Kinda interesting? The thing is, there isn’t anything different between each stage.

Even though there is universal support, it didn’t seem like the game really needed to be in HD. There is nothing better on the iPad than on the iPhone. The gameplay felt lacking, I had to wait 4 hours every time I used up my 100 hammers (then I would get another 100 after the 4 hours). I used up all my hammers, and I’d just wait. I spent the 100 hammers in about 2 minutes. While I could use stars (drawing a star shape breaks all the eggs on the screen), they ran out pretty quickly. The “X” shaped power ups weren’t too useful either, because they’d take up a hammer, all the “X’s” and of the time, when you used the multiplier power up, I would get an empty egg containing nothing.  There is Game Center support and achievements but I didn’t feel like it made the game any more interesting.

Another point of the game, which is to get the necessary objects to get to the next stage, is completely random. It feels like I’m playing Whack-a-mole, and maybe after 200 tries, I get a prize. Even after you get the special objects, you have to break a certain amount of eggs to get enough baby chicks to proceed. I felt I was playing a pointless game and I couldn’t even find anything that made the game fun. The game itself has a nice idea, but I felt it was implemented poorly.

The graphics of the game weren’t horrendous but they are ridiculously simple. The music was extremely cheesy and it was some kind of Caribbean/Southern styled  music. It has a catchy tune, probably more suited to little kids. Also, the wooden background made the game feel cheap. Thankfully, this game is free to download, so there wasn’t much of a loss. For those short on time, you can buy gold (with IAP), which can be used to buy hammers, multipliers, and stars. I liked how they weren’t forcibly pushed on to me or ads that would have turned me away in an instant.

Overall, I wouldn’t keep or download this game, unless your looking for a game for a young child to play (probably only 3 and under would be entertained). Although I didn’t like the game, I hope the developers continue to make the game better for all the other players who enjoyed the game. The game would surly be more interesting with updates, so I’ll hang on to the app to check out what’s in store in the future!

Reviewed Device: iPad 2

[review pros=”Free, time waster, has potential” cons=”Gets boring, no real objective” score=50]