Break Free in Inner Chains.


Telepaths Tree new game brings players into a world where technology and nature run rampant without human interference, growing to a point where a strong symbiosis developed between the two. This bond has grown so strong that it is nearly impossible to determine what is alive and what is mechanical. The world itself is dark, decrepit, and dying. Mankind has once again re-emerged oblivious to its own history; this is the world of Inner Chains.

Players step into the role of a member of a lower caste. Their head filled with the teachings of the ruling cast, the players one goal is to reach a mythical place known as the Last Hope. To discover their own role in this world, players will have to fight for their survival encountering hostiles in the form of fauna and flora. In order to make it through this first person horror game, players will rely on quick reflexes and strong judgement.

Inner Chains is currently in development and has reached it’s stretch goals on Kickstarter and has been approved on Greenlight. To learn more about the game and the developer, Telepaths Tree visit the official website “like” on Facebook, and follow on Twitter.

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