Breach and Clear Coming to Smoke Out Steam


The most recent batch of fifty Steam Greenlight titles confirmed tactical shooter and turn-based strategy love child Breach and Clear is coming to Steam. Breach and Clear launched last year on iOS and Android as one of the few redeemable turn-based strategy games on the platforms, with dozens of weapons, and all the class-based customization options expected in the genre. Developers Gun Media and Mighty Rabbit Studios continued to support the game post-release by adding new features, modes, and balancing fixes.

The upcoming PC version will bring the best of the mobile version (leaving behind microtransactions) and introduce permadeath to the series. Breach and Clear on PC will also receive a graphical upgrade and additional game content. Touting 35 missions, hundreds of customization options for your squad, and 3 game modes, fans of the genres should keep this one on their radar. For those that can’t wait, the mobile version is available on the Play Store and the App Store.


  • Really? no one comment? game is very good